Virus – (2021)
  • Genre:Hard Rock
  • Release date:01 Jan 2021

Virus – (2021)

  1. Show Me The Other Side
  2. Ruby
  3. When It's All Said And Done
  4. Cemetery Dogs

Virus – 2021

The LP Bill Gates couldn’t predict. A 12 track assault on the senses of blistering guitars, screaming vocals and grim lyrics that make Gordon Ramsay sound like Enya!

2019/2020 something was created that made the elderly gravely ill and small children cry…..And there was also that COVID thing. Someone had to do it…Take that Wuhan!

This is my first fully dedicated Hard Rock LP.  The heaviest set of songs to date and it’s every bit as toxic as the corona-virus. I’m already regretting it and will soon go into denying that I released it on the world.

If lockdown wasn’t nightmarish enough, being trapped with this thing will surely make you go tatars. It won’t help with depression, relaxation, divorces or any sense of well-being. It brings joy to no one and frankly, I should take a good hard look at myself.


Find the full 12 Track Album Below

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