The People Vs Memphis Nights (2005)
  • Genre:Dance Rock, Electronic Rock
  • Release date:01 Jan 2005

The People Vs Memphis Nights (2005)

  1. Comin' Home
  2. I'm Gonna Get You
  3. Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt
  4. Dance Mah Monkey
  5. Thieves & Cops

The People Vs Memphis Nights

People v Memphis Nights LP Front & Inlay Cover

….So I packed up and headed back to the city…..

Late ‘90/early 2000’s in Melbourne was a dark era of underground crime, gangs, drug cartel activity and general shenanigans.  Perfect conditions for me to, once again, find myself in the wrong places at the wrong times.


Armed with my hillbilly demo which had all the class of a cardboard box, I was seeking a bigger, brighter and more diverse sound and audience and was craving writing music that was more complex.  But Geez….The dark streets of Melbourne was a devious temptress.

Bus 2 - 2003

I played with a lot of minstrels, musicians and bans, all of which were more like fronts for other “activities” rather than any real serious musical prospect.  But on the plus side – I was able to get my hands on some gear that would help turn some of my old Bass and Vocal tracks into something more.

The sound equipment was rough.  A kind of post Soviet de-commissioned mish-mash of wires and boxes that could create samples, sounds and beats on the similar scale  of what maybe Prince used for his “Sign of the Times” album.  It complimented well with the experiences I was having in the neon soaked city, all combining to lead up to  this 15 track 2005 release “The People Vs Memphis Nights” – Here’s a little taste.


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