Tales From Tin Alley – (2008)
  • Genre:Rock, Pop, Indie Rock
  • Release date:01 Jan 2008

Tales From Tin Alley – (2008)

  1. Comin' Home
  2. Raeline
  3. Feel You Up
  4. Beer Garden
  5. All The Lights

Tales From Tin Alley

Memphis Nights- Tales From Tin Alley CD Cover & Back

By 2008 I was over it!  Melbourne’s art scene was dying, along with it’s bands.  Iconic music bars were closing or at threat of closing and musicians were being pushed out to the suburbs due to rising living costs.

I was starting to burn out.  Feeling the pressure to create more and more toward the club/dance sounds was giving rise to the DJ’s and killing the bands who all wanted to be the next Nirvana or Rage Against The Machine bands.  Neither worked for me and I was missing the retro rock sound.

Memphis Nights - Fitzroy Mozaic jpg

There’s only so much you can do as a struggling musician on a security guard wage, and none of it was pretty.  Back alleys, dodgy acquaintances and shifty dealings were no way to survive in a city that didn’t care.

So it was time for my exit.  But first I needed to put all my previous albums into one “Sampler” CD in a kind of conclusion/wrap up package of what I believed was my stronger stuff.  This would also work as a demo CD for where I was headed next.

Tales From Tin Alley Banner

So I packaged 14 of these tracks together and released it in 2008, called “Tales From Tin Alley” (Tin Alley was the name of the street that the gate house I worked in was located).  This is the album to have for those who just want an overall Memphis Nights sampler of the previous 4 albums.

Memphis Nights - Side Street


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