Memphis Nights & the Presidents Without Countries – (2010)
  • Genre:Rock
  • Release date:23 Oct 2010

Memphis Nights & the Presidents Without Countries – (2010)

  1. I Wanna La La La With You
  2. When Its All Said & Done
  3. Burn It Up
  4. My Anna-Lou

Memphis Nights & the Presidents Without Countries

Memphis Nights- PWC CD Cover

Austria’s musicians are the best I’ve played with. It’s a shame that the industry there has shut the doors to their opportunities and don’t realize the gold mine that it’s sitting on.

The drummer in PWC was from a heavy metal background that I wanted to give my songs an edge. Most people thought I did this as a joke, but it worked so well that I have only been seeking metal based drummers ever since. The guitarist had quite a good voice and his background vocals were exactly what I wanted.


So despite the “Spinal Tap” antics that I was trying to put on us, we actually got a a few gigs and made a bit of money. It wasn’t long before we were playing in front of 10’s of people. So….if Austria wasn’t getting the joke, we’ll push it further. Time for a album release.

Studio Mosaic

A friend of the Drummer had an armature basement set-up. No frills, no acoustic qualities and no way of separating the channels. But……It would be free. It was the kind of shady sound and price that would do quite nicely.

So we belted down about 5 tracks in one afternoon between drinks and filled the rest with some of my older stuff. And here’s a sample of this rough as all hell recording.



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