High Country Hustle (2019)
  • Genre:Southern Funk Rock
  • Release date:01 Jan 2019

High Country Hustle (2019)

  1. Back In The Game
  2. 'Round Here
  3. I'm Gonna Love You Anyway
  4. A Whole Lotta Nothing
  5. Stay The Night

High Country Hustle – 2019

It’s been 3 years since my last release, further more this is my first full Australian release since “The Expressionist” 12 years earlier before my stint in Europe.

Coming back was quite the culture shock…Starting back at square one didn’t make it easier and the re-integration into my old social world certainly highlighted some behaviours that wasn’t obvious to me when I was around before. And that’s basically the core influences of this LP.

Memphis Nights 2019

11 tracks and one re-release written in a caravan in the high-country of Victoria while fronting a local band “The Mojo Sapiens” around the regions bars and backwater joints. Yep…..Back in the game…!

There’s kind of a running theme of characters and stories that run though this LP and above are 5 tracks to get the feel of it.


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