Dodge City (2006)
  • Genre:Pop Rock
  • Release date:01 Jan 2006

Dodge City (2006)

  1. Man Like You
  2. Let It Go
  3. Friday
  4. Grey Town
  5. Off My Mind

Dodge City

Memphis Nights - Dodge City Front and Back

Look – I won’t lie – I really got into the dark city scene of back alley dealings, strip clubs, back room antics and all that the alley’s, filth and trains spewed out…But it was doing my head in.

I was working by day as the most hated man in Melbourne – A parking officer (yes it was me that clamped your car) and by night I was spending too much time among the lost, fallen and forgotten in China Town and on Brunswick & Johnson Street.  It was a love-hate lifestyle and I hated that I loved it but also loved that I hated it.

Memphis Nights Launch Mozaicjpg

I eventually found myself in the Casino district, convincing myself that at least it was a better class of filth…..Oh how naive I was.   But it did give me a sense of nostalgia of the backwater days when I was peddling hooch and losing at cards.  And here I was king.  I could lose like no other.

Crown Casino - Melbourne

Texas Hold’em was my game and I made the casino so much money I’m surprised they didn’t post my photo as “Employee of the year” on the wall.  It was a new electronic wild-west full off broken hearts and broken dreams.  The people there were so tragic they border-lined on beautiful, and it’s those people who make up the inspiration for the 2006 14 track new age salon style release – “Dodge City”

Memphis Live 2 jpeg


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