Dark Waters III – 2016
  • Genre:Rock
  • Release date:01 Jan 2016

Dark Waters III – 2016

  1. Dark Waters 3 Intro
  2. Movin' Down The Road
  3. I Ain't Giving Up
  4. Sinner Or Saint
  5. Girls With Guns
  6. The Dark Street
  7. Lie to Me Tonight
  8. New Years Eve
  9. Swampin’ It
  10. Twist of Fate
  11. Victim of Your Crime
  12. I Wish You the Best
  13. I Like the Rain
  14. Sometimes
  15. Domino

Dark Waters III – The final LP in Memphis Nights trilogy. as Memphis Nights returns to Australia.


Dark Waters III Intro

Movin’ Down the Road

I Ain’t Giving Up

Sinner or Saint

Girls With Guns

The Dark Street

Lie to Me Tonight

New Years Eve

Swampin’ It

Twist of Fate

Victim of Your Crime

I Wish You the Best

I Like the Rain



Late in 2014 Memphis Nights returned to Australia with a collection of compositions put together in Vienna while Memphis was performing with his last band project “The Blue Smiths“.

The Blue Smiths, playing mainly cover songs, was Memphis Nights last band project and the hardest working – playing more venues then his other projects combined.  Even with this Memphis Nights was still able to put together a large collection of work for his final in the Dark Waters project.

The lyrics were penned in Australia some time later, capturing the bitter sweet vibe of this 14 track transcontinental piece, as Memphis Nights seeks new adventures while reminiscing his European experiences.