Dark Waters III (2016)
  • Genre:Rock
  • Release date:27 Jan 2016

Dark Waters III (2016)

  1. I Ain't Giving Up
  2. Swampin' It
  3. The Dark Street
  4. Lie To Me Tonight
  5. Domino

Dark Waters III

Dark Waters III Front & Back

The darkest of the 3 Dark Waters LP’s. Half done in Europe and half done in Australia, this LP marks the end of my six and a half years in Europe and my return to Australia.

With most of the compositions done in Europe, the words and themes were put to it in Oz, giving it a trans-global feel and an end-of-an-era vibe.

Golden-Harp-Sept- 2014.

Did I kiss the ground when the plane landed?  You bet, and the next few weeks were a windswept play world of Vegemite, Aussie beer and steak….God I missed eating the moo-moo’s!

Needless to say I did the very thing I should have done in the first place – headed for the sticks.  No more city life for me, they can have it!

DW 3- The country

It had been about 10 years since my last original Australian release, and after some time to get my barings and re-adjust to the change – I finished the 3rd and last installment of the Dark Waters trilogy.

Then I put some Vegemite on a well cooked moo-moo, washed it down with a Carlton Draught and slept in front of Aussie rules football on TV and the southern sun shining on me.

Here’s a sample of the dark and reflective 15 track, 2016 release of Dark Waters III.

Memphis Nights Farewell party in Vienna @ The Golden Harp Irish Bar - September 19, 2014 (217)

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