Dark Waters II (2014)
  • Genre:Rock
  • Release date:27 Jan 2014

Dark Waters II (2014)

  1. Down On The Shore
  2. Godforsaken Place
  3. That Being Said
  4. Barking Up The Wrong Tree
  5. Your Spark

Dark Waters II (2014)

Dark Waters 2 Front & Back Cover.

2014 was my last year in Europe, and it was also my best.  Maybe it was due to knowing I was coming back and therefore enjoying every moment of what I had left. I had a new spring in my step and a new groove in my music and it showed.

Vienna Scene

I was paying with my last band “The Blue Smiths” and even though we only did covers, it was the best band that I had played in.  Due to Europe’s love for western music , we were playing to crowd numbers and venues that was top notch.  I even started to re-think my move.  It was a lot of fun and because of all this – Dark Waters II is my favorite recording, infused with a mix of nostalgia as well as excitement of new things to come.

Dark Waters 2 Street Advert

Going out with a bang!  Just a shame I had to lose the great musicians that I was playing with at the time.  Here’s a sample from this 13 track LP.

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