Dark Waters (2012)
  • Genre:Rock, Country Rock
  • Release date:29 Sep 2012

Dark Waters (2012)

  1. Texas
  2. Roots
  3. Let Me Love You Tonight
  4. The Hard Way
  5. Don't Hate The Player (Hate The Game)

Dark Waters (2012)

Dark Waters Cover & Back

The title pretty much says it all.  Even with the increased band activity the social situation and the music climate left little to chew on, and as I struggled with the language, I was not really involved in any scenes that I craved for musical influences and growth.  It wasn’t like it was in Australia and I was getting nostalgic and homesick.

MN Continent

The band changed members who were also very talented but for some reason never wanted to leave the rehearsal room.  Maybe laziness?  Maybe fear?  Or maybe the lack of industry culture left them uninspired to attempt bigger things.  I noticed this with most Austrian musicians and for a while there was no live work or recordings.

So with a lack of any real muse or experiences to cling on to, I fell back into my recording.

Memphis Nights Dark Waters Banner 2012

Dark Waters was a 3 album thing which felt more Australian then the albums I did in Australia.  And – by the end, would lead me to return.

The music on this LP reeks of nostalgic longing and is the first record I felt was truly my own.  With a more real band style feel and sound, and less dance/EDM, it’s the type of LP that I had wanted to do all along.

Memphis Nights 2012


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