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Australian singer/songwriter and recording artist spanning over 20 years of touring and recording his brand of soulful country blues rock and  funk sound. sunset-palm-muso-jpeg

Based in the high country of the Victorian snowfields, Memphis Nights is constantly travelling as a wondering minstrel, playing in a variety of bands and recording a range of styles, as he soaks in the people and places he visits.

With a  similar sound to artists like Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Buckley and Credence Clear Water Revival, Memphis  started out as a soloist blues-man in the dark bars and alleys of Melbourne, Memphis retreated to the high country in the mid 90’s where his big city influences fused with the motorcycle and cattleman scene of the North East.  It’s here that he wrote and recorded over 400 songs in a van with just his voice and guitar on a crude second hand cassette recorder.

It’s also where Memphis put together his first official line up of musicians to form the band “The Swamp Cats“, a swamp rock revival band, that toured the hills of country Victoria as well as giving Memphis his lust for travelling.

Memphis Nights- High Country

Memphis soon returned to the city with his music to record a series of albums as well as performing shows until 2007 when Memphis traveled again, this time for a six year stint in central Europe where he performed live shows with his bands: “Presidents Without Countries” and “The Blue Smiths“, while writing and recording his trilogy “Dark Waters” LP set.

Today Memphis is back in Australia in his high-country shack working on his next album while working with his latest band project “The Mojo Sapiens” before his travel bug kicks in again for his next artistic chapter.

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